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Jewelry isn’t a new concept; in fact, archaeologists have unearthed pieces linked to ancient cultures across the globe. Though most of today’s accessories are a far cry from those of centuries past, some actually aren’t all that different. Either way, jewelry has withstood the test of time and won’t likely fade away during the centuries to come. Still, change is sure to continue bringing new innovations to the mix.

In the Beginning

People were making jewelry before recorded history. During those early days, resourcefulness was reflected in the accessories of the time. They used what they had on hand, like grass, vines, bones, stones, shells and berries to create pieces with a certain rustic charm. Of course, they most likely weren’t purely decorative in nature.

No one can be sure of the exact meanings behind early jewelry because those stories went to the grave with their creators. Certain pieces could’ve been gifted to friends and loved ones as tokens of affection. Some believe they may have been used as ceremonial pieces. Many feel they could’ve even been believed to hold enchanted powers to protect wearers from evil spirits and dangers lurking in the visible world.

Evolution Takes Hold

Eventually, metalworking and stone cutting came into play. Jewelry makers began using gemstones and precious metals. From there, jewelry became a status symbol signifying wealth, power and social standing. Over time, craftspeople learned ways of creating faux precious metals and using tinted glass to replace more expensive materials, bringing jewelry to the general population.

Coming Full Circle

Today, precious metals are still adorned with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and the like. Pieces made of less expensive imitation materials continue to be available. Still, despite technology and other factors, or perhaps because of them, certain elements of the past remain popular. Jewelry made from hemp rope, seashells, carved wood and stone, painted nut shells and coffee beans and other items found in nature is highly sought after by numerous people.

Jewelry may have evolved over time. Many of today’s pieces may not hold quite as much symbolism as those of centuries long gone, but some of them do have a certain level of significance even if it’s only in the eyes of the owner. Rare, precious materials and those representing all the beauty nature has to offer live together in harmony at this point. If you’d like to learn more about what’s available today, click here.