Elijah sommerz reveals his celebrity crush…


Everyone has a celebrity crush — including celebrities themselves, Elijah sommerz has recently revealed online that he is obsessed with Kourtney Kardashian, his love for Kardashians ¸date back to June 2014, while he was incarcerated for stunt driving /dangerous driving offences

Elijah sommerz says he recalls watching every episode while he was incarcerated for stunt driving offence he says that he use to watch keep up with the Kardashians regularly on a weekly schedule with other inmates at the institution-living unit/range -C3-D where a tv is house for inmates, he recalls the show as very fun and exciting he also recalls buying every InTouch magazine edition that featured the Kardashians on cover of the release.

Elijah sommerz says that Kourtney Kardashian is very gorgeous I feel as though she is natural beauty.
Her style is an rare one in Hollywood,Her humbleness with her fashion is just though the roof sexy to me. “–Elijah sommerz

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Elijah sommerz favorite episode of keeping up with the

Free Khloe Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Season 3, Episode 1  Khloe gets a harsh reality check when she is sent to prison for not completing mandatory DUI classes; going back to the courthouse reminds Kris of her ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, and she struggles to come to terms with his death. elijah sommerz rapper from Toronto has crush kourtney kardashian

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