Eliminating Contaminants in Tap Water With Berkey Filtration


When any component of a municipal water distribution system has become contaminated or damaged, residents may be advised to boil the water before consuming it or to buy bottled water. Residents who own a Berkey Water Filter already have peace of mind because they only drink and cook with water that has been thoroughly sanitized, with all impurities removed. That includes substances that municipal utilities declare are safe, such as added fluoride and tiny amounts of chlorine.

Water That Is Free of Contaminants

Berkey filters allow the owners and anyone who visits to enjoy clean water that is totally free of contaminants. They bring peace of mind about the family’s health and improve the flavor of the water as well.

No Changes to the Plumbing

Additional advantages are associated with this product. It’s a countertop portable tank filter, requiring no changes to the plumbing. The filters inside the tank accomplish what would otherwise require a double or triple filter arrangement connected to the home’s water source or to individual taps. The designer of this portable tank has made sure that it is aesthetically pleasing for any kitchen. The tank size also allows owners to bring it along when traveling.

Gallons Per Hour

Depending on how many elements the owner uses in the product, the tank can filter four to eight gallons per hour. This amount is convenient when the family has a party or another type of gathering. Everyone can have a glass of pure water if they would like. The household residents still have plenty left to cook pasta, rice or other foods.

Buying From Verified Suppliers

Consumers who want to buy this equipment must purchase it from a verified supplier to avoid purchasing fake filters. Unscrupulous sellers can be found online fraudulently selling water filters under this brand. The Berkey filter is of higher quality than most of the cheap devices that can be purchased in home improvement and hardware stores with different brand names. The filters last much longer as long as they are washed as directed. They should have a lifespan of several years as opposed to a few months.