Home Lifts Provide an Extra Level of Safety


Aging happens to everyone. While some people age gracefully, others may need a little bit of extra help to get around. Maneuvering between different levels of a home may suddenly be difficult to do. Rather than moving away from a place of comfort and memories, consider making adaptations instead. Start with rearranging furniture so that most activities can be done on one level. Another thing that may help is to install your home lift today. This will allow for safe movement between the various floors.

Safety is Crucial for Elderly Adults

One of the issues that elderly adults and disabled individuals face is reduced mobility. The inability to safely move about poses problems for people who reside in multi-level homes. Staircases can be the source of unplanned accidents when a person is unsteady on their feet. Lifts can reduce injuries from falls by providing a secure way to move from one floor to another. Installing a safe way to get between the various levels can allow an individual to remain in the home they have been living in for years.

Home Lift Affordability

Lifts for home use are not unreasonable in price. The cost is mostly determined by the structural requirements to install one. Gear-less traction systems are the most expensive, however, they provide a smoother and faster ride between levels. Hydraulic systems are slower but are less costly overall. Other things that can affect the cost are the exterior design plan and if the system will be installed in an existing space or be part of a new home build.

Installation in an Existing or New-Build Home

Amazingly, installing a system in an existing home can be done in most cases. A consultation with a specialist and a professional engineer can determine what options can be retrofitted to work in a particular space. Lifts that are figured into a new-build situation have endless options and are only limited but budgetary restrictions.

Lifts generally have a long lifespan. With regular maintenance, a homeowner can expect to have a fully working system for 15 – 20 years. Once an order has been placed, the fabrication and shipment of materials can take between 2 – 4 months. An additional month is required to complete the installation. For aging adults, the ability to spend the remaining years in their own home is well worth the cost.