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What to Consider When Shopping for a Jewelry Cleaner

Whether it’s day-to-day jewelry or jewelry you only wear on special occasions, those pieces are going to need a good clean and shine from time to time. So many things can clog them up and make them look dull and lifeless! From soap to perfume to dust and dirt – the list is endless, and often, it’s when you’re about to wear those pieces that you notice the problem. Frustrating but that’s exactly why you need to be proactive when it comes to caring for your jewelry.

The good news is you can easily DIY that in your own home – of course, using the right cleaning products. Clearly, what’ suitable for a piece depends on what material or materials were used to make it. Keep in mind that the wrong product can totally destroy your jewelry, so be very, very conscious about this part. If you own different types of jewelry, you will naturally need different types of cleaners.

So how do you begin choosing a cleaner for those precious pieces? First and foremost, know the metal, the stone and the jewelry itself. Gold and diamond are safe with nearly every type of commercial cleaner you’ll find. But keep in mind that sterling silver and pearl will call for a product that is made just for them. Part of all this is the chemical used in the cleaning products. Maybe you don’t want any chemicals even. Another good news is, most jewelry can be cleaned without needing any of these strong or abrasive chemicals. For more delicate blings, you can also get one of those special cloths.

Ammonia and water together also make a good solution for cleaning jewelry, especially diamond and some metals. These products are usually available online, but if you have no idea where to get it, try asking your jewelry retailer. After all, that’s their expertise.

For gold and platinum pieces, your best option is an ultrasonic cleaner. These are small and compact devices that can well sit on your kitchen countertop. They’re designed to clean metals and particular kinds of stones while making that distinct high-frequency sound. But be careful! – never use colored gemstones, pearls and some other types of jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner.

There are evidently many choices you can pick from when looking for the right cleaner for your jewelry. But again, you can’t afford to be careless when deciding which product goes with which piece. Lastly, for your own protection, take time to research reliable brands and suppliers before actually placing an order.

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