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A Definitive Guide on Aftermarket Parts

Ever wondered why vehicle parts very in price from dealerships to parts stores in your neighbourhood? Aftermarket parts are parts not manufactured by automakers, while parts produced by automakers are called Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM. Aftermarket part manufacturing and development is often a result of great demand for specific parts. A good example of this is the oil filter. Because all fuel powered vehicles need regular oil changes, suppliers of aftermarket parts offer alternative choices to purchasing oil filters from the parts department of car dealerships. Generally, high-volume demand for specific part results in a huge number of aftermarket parts suppliers, who manufacture alternatives to original equipment parts.

If you ask around, you are bound to get differing opinions on aftermarket parts, and for plenty of good reason. It is worth noting that aftermarket parts are manufactured as options for vehicle repairs therefore, they can be less expensive, for better quality, for better warranty or even simply for greater availability whenever dealerships are backordered or out of stock on the specific part. Each person that buys an aftermarket part is as individual as their reasons for buying them.

Aftermarket parts have numerous benefits compared to original equipment. Among such benefits is warranty. While most original equipment parts have a warranty of one year with specified mileage, usually 12,000 miles, aftermarket parts offer various warranty options ranging from final sale, to life warranty and everything in between. For people that are greatly concerned about longevity in future costs, opting for aftermarket parts with very long warranties is the way to go.

Aftermarket parts manufacturers usually offer different grades of quality for different parts for instance the brake pads. Customers have the privilege of making their selection on a good-better-best basis, with prices differing based on quality. It is also expected that the top-rated parts will come with the best warranties, since manufacturers seek to back their best products with the best warranties.

Since the number of aftermarket parts manufacturers and stores exude car dealerships, it makes sense that the parts you seek are definitely available from at least one of them. The majority of car dealerships are limited in terms of the quantity of stock they can hold at any given moment, and how much of a high demand part they can be allocated by an automaker. Aftermarket parts suppliers are hardly affected by such limitations, therefore high demand parts out of stock in car dealerships are usually stocked by aftermarket parts suppliers.

While the cost of a replacement part is not the single most important factor, it still has a role to play. Compared to original equipment parts of similar quality, aftermarket parts have a tendency of being cheaper.

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