The Essential Connection Between Jewelry & Fashion

Anyone who is interested in fashion is aware that the most stunning runway looks are usually enhanced with accessories that include jewelry. The stylish jewelry seen at fashion shows is also common in everyday life because most women consider jewelry & fashion inseparable. Like designers, women often choose fine or fashion jewelry to create signature looks. Many wear pieces that draw attention to their best features. Jewelry can also be used as an accessory that takes wardrobe essentials from casual wear to the office and into the evening.

Jewelry Creates a Personal Look

Some of the world’s most-photographed women are known for their signature jewelry. Some always wear several chunky bracelets or rings. Many add eye-catching necklaces to every outfit. Trendy women are often known for stylish earrings that make personal statements. It only takes a few well-chosen accessories to change a simple outfit into a stylish ensemble.

Jewelry Helps Emphasize Great Features

Choosing jewelry to bring out women’s beautiful eyes is so common it is almost a cliche, but there is a reason for that. Jewelry really can draw focus to a wearer’s best features. Many women have learned the art of wearing pieces that emphasize features such as lovely hands or elegant necklines. A carefully placed broach clasping the back of a gown may emphasize a well-toned back, while over-sized earrings are the perfect complement to a very short haircut. Jewelry can also draw the eye away from less-than-perfect areas.

Jewelry Can Expand Wardrobes

Busy women often create entire wardrobes with a dozen clothing items and a drawer full of jewelry. For instance, they might wear simple gold stud earrings, a silk blouse, and dress slacks to work and then change to sparkly, dangling earrings and several delicate chains to create an evening look. A sleeveless dress may be accessorized with fun, colorful pieces for day wear or dressed up with diamond studs, a bracelet, a hair clip, and heels for the theater.

Fashionable women often use jewelry to create signature looks and emphasize their best features. Many also change jewelry to adapt to the same clothing for a variety of occasions.