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The Most Popular Jewelry Trends

It is important to note that from the jewelry you are wearing, people may know a lot about you even if you don’t speak. The fashion trends tend to change with every season. Therefore, you should know some of the fashion trends to avoid confusion and wearing outdated things. Below is a list of the jewelry trends a discussion of the current and outdated trends.

First, let’s look at the popular current jewelry trends. Remember that some fashion trends will never go out of style, just like with clothing. Many jewelry items are a combination of classic and current styles. For those who were young in the ’80s, it should not be a surprise to talk about chunky, oversized chains. It is important to note that the trend is back and you will find the chains in some of the leading jewelry stores in your area. The crystal chandelier earrings are also trending currently. Reintroduced in 20-128, they are trending and perfect for a night out.

Also, there is a need to talk about the ears armor. Known to hide most of the ears helix, this earring trend looks exactly how it sounds. Some sets hang low off the ear. Although there are pairs that include tassles, if you want more bold versions, you will find them in gold or silver molds. It is important that you find a well-fitted pair that would make them noticeable and attractive. Today, the glittering chokers are trending. The good thing with them is that they blend with almost everything including a simple neckline for everyday outfits.

Let’s now look at some of the outdated trends. Knowing the outdated fashion trends will help you know the things you should drop. The first jewelry trend you should drop is the bib. Although most women have them in their closets, the truth is that you need to freshen up your jewelry selection. The other one is the birthstone. It is one of the fashion trends that looks so old yet it was introduced last year.

This list would not be complete without mentioning the initialed jewelry. Since they are simple, you can pair them with any of the current jewelry trends. It is also important to note that this list should include the fabric leather chokers. These were the styles in the ’90s. Since popular fashion trends may lose their appeal after a few years, why not consider buying jewelry that is classic and will never date your wardrobe?